Why Psychotherapy?

We all have an internal dialogue. Sad events in our lives can sometimes make the dialogue in our heads overly self-critical, which may lead us towards sadness, depression, anxiety or negative behaviour.

Psychotherapy helps us to identify our negative thoughts and behaviours, and seek alternative and more helpful ways of relating to ourselves and others.

As a psychotherapist, my approach is based in cognitive analytical therapy or C.A.T. This involves discussing experiences and events from your life that may influence the ways in which you think and behave.

Using C.A.T. I help people address problems and develop thought and behaviour skills to allow them to lead more positive and fulfilling lives.

How long will it take?

This is the most answered question asked of myself. CAT therapy can be completed in 16 sessions and many people leave after 16 sessions feeling much better. For some people psychotherapy is a bit like taking their minds to the gym. The long term relationship with a therapist can last over a period of years but this is always up to the patient and what they feel their needs are.