Mental health affects us all and does not discriminate.  Talking about your feelings can help maintain good mental health.

I see people from all walks of life – they could be a parent, a student, a teacher, an actor, or run their own business.  In short, people just like you and me.

Some clients are referred by their GP or psychiatrist but most people self-refer.


I am a qualified Cognitive Analytical Therapist and Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist (in psychological medicine), who has worked in the NHS and private practice for more than 29 years.

My aim as a therapist is to help the patient develop self compassion

Self compassion....involves being touched by and open to one's own suffering, not avoiding or disconnecting from it, generating the desire to alleviate one's suffering and to heal oneself with kindness. Self compassion also involves offering non-judgemental understanding to one's pain, inadequacies and failures, so that one's experience is seen as part of the larger human experience.


What Our Clients Say

"Steve has been an amazing support to me when i needed the most. Having just returned to work after having a baby i felt quite a bit of lost and very vulnerable. With his open, compassionate and supporting approach he has challenged me just the right way to understand better what's causing me feel in a particular way and what i can do about it. And all this is done with great care, attention and a very special sense of humour, that just makes the whole experience very human. Thank you, Steve!!"

"I have been having therapy with Steve for over two years and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. He has helped me with ongoing anxiety problems, traumatic events and life difficulties. I now understand myself and my relationships better and am more able to cope with personal challenges. Steve has a flexible and down to earth style. This really works for me and means I've never had problems with the 'power relationship' I have experienced in previous therapeutic relationships. He clearly knows his stuff and I feel that he is always using best practice and applying the most relevant techniques depending on how our therapy develops. It is often difficult to fit therapy into a hectic and demanding life but I always leave sessions feeling that it has been time well spent."

"It was a turning point to come into a therapeutic relationship that offered a sense of “containment” and holding.  To feel, for once, that I was not being judged."

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