Why a psychotherapy blog you may ask? Well I find that people are genuinely interested in the role of a psychotherapist or a mental health clinician. In the days of the asylums mental health was a world full of fear or shame. Women were locked away for having underage sex or men because they were gay. This thankfully changed and now mental has an issue is widely spoken about. World mental health day is on the 10th of October and is being promoted by younger members of the Royal family who themselves admit to suffering from mental health difficulties in the not too distant past. I aim to talk abut my own mental health difficulties that I have faced as well as provide people with some insight into what is a world that many people are rightly fascinated by. My career has taken me to high secure hospitals working with the criminally insane too prisons and also work with serving members of the military. I hope to provide readers with things that are interesting as well as being educational. One in four people will suffer from a mental disorder and it remains the world health organisations number one health issue, which has a direct effect on productivity as well as mental functioning. I may share some personal thoughts about mental health issues as well as some of my experiences over the last 30 years, of working in the mental health field. I have been and remain involved in many areas of mental health as a clinician, educator, researcher and also as someone who knows how depression feels. I hope the reader enjoys what I will write about in the very near future.